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TITLE : Biomolecular Nmr Spectroscopy

The chair of biomolecular nmr spectroscopy is associated with the bavarian nmr center and the institute of structural biology at the helmholtz zentrum mnchenvorlesung biomolecular nmr spectroscopy lecture biomolecular nmr spectroscopy vorlesung 2 sws chemie msc nf biolog chemie pflichtveranst 2010 bmls buchmann institute for molecular life sciences | goethe university frankfurt | max von laue str 15 | 60438 frankfurt am main | germany |officeatbmlsde | tel +49 069 798 42501 impressum datenschutzdevelopment of nuclear magnetic resonance history 1946 bloch purcell first nuclear magnetic resonance 1955 solomon noe nuclear overhauser effectthis journal presents research on technical developments and innovative applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the study of structure and dynamic properties of biopolymers in solution liquid crystals solids and mixed environments such as membranes

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