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TITLE : Pure Theory Of Law

Pure theory of law german reine rechtslehre is a book by legal theorist hans kelsen first published in 1934 and in a greatly expanded second edition effectively a new book in 1960the idea of a pure theory of law was propounded by the formidable austrian jurist and philosopher hans kelsen 18811973 see the bibliographical notekelsen hans pure theory of law translation from the second german edition by max knight berkeley university of california press 1967 x 356 pp reprinted 2005 by the lawbook exchange ltd isbn 1 58477 578 5no doubts kelsen is to be considered a watershed specially concerned to juridical thought his efforts to break with the natural theories tradition is of maximum importance for the basis on what the concepts of law and right were builtpure theory of law has 326 ratings and 15 reviews reprint of the second revised and enlarged edition a complete revision of the first edition published

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