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TITLE : Heal Your Headache

Synopsis a groundbreaking and controversial work heal your headache starts with the fresh insight that nearly all headaches are migraines that in fact a migraine is not a type of headache at all but the built in mechanism that causes headaches of all kindsthe heal your headache book is a must read for anyone suffering from or caring for someone with a migraine disorder at first i found the title somewhat off putting as i suffer from vestibular symptoms not headachesheal your headache david buchholz stephen g reich on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers based on the breakthrough understanding that virtually all headaches are forms of migraine because migraine is not a specific type of headachewhen i first began researching migraine more in depth i found everyone kept recommending this book heal your headache the 123 program for taking on your painthis book might have been persuasive if it hadnt been overshadowed by the strangely unscientific attitude the author a doctor from johns hopkins has

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