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TITLE : How To Be A Genius

How to think like a genius in this article adopting creative thinking strategies developing helpful habits enriching your mind community qanda you dont have to be leonardo davinci or albert einstein to think like a geniussome people think that in order to be a genius you have to be good at everything thats not true theres no reason to believe that einstein could have mastered anything he wanted to master simply because he was considered a geniusthe route to our best most genius like thoughts is not to be afraid of our stranger sounding insights and hunches if you like our films take a look at oura genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability creative productivity universality in genres or originality typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledgegeniuses dont exist in the present think of the people youve met would you call any of them a genius in the mozart einstein shakespeare sense of the word

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